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James P. Griffin, Attorney at Law

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I have been helping people who need assistance filing bankruptcy for over 20 years, and I specialize in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When you contact me, I will send you a Bankruptcy Pre-interview Package.  You will fill in the bankruptcy questionnaire which is included in the package.  After you have completed the questionnaire, you will send it to me.  From the information you provide me, I will run the median income and means test calculations to determine your qualification for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  After I have run the calculations, I will contact you to set up your interview with me.  Your consultation with me will be at no charge.  If you decide to hire me, I will prepare your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and file it with the bankruptcy court. I will attend the first meeting of creditors with you as well.

Bankruptcy Attorney | Northern Virginia | Washington DC

The costs and fees for my service are as follows:

                               My fee:                             $500.00     
                               Court filing fee:                  335.00
                               Credit Report fee:                23.00 (if filing bankruptcy individually)
                                                                            43.00 (if filing bankruptcy jointly)                               
                               Homestead Deed fee           21.00 (if necessary to file) 

So whether you're filing bankruptcy on your own or with your spouse, I have the experience and services you need to make sure that your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is property prepared and filed.