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I was admitted to practice before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in 1988 and the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia in 1989.  In those days, after being retained by a client, I would go to the nearby stationary store and purchase the bankruptcy filing forms to be used in filing the case.  I would sit in front of a typewriter and painfully type all of the data into the forms.  There were a lot of erasers and white-out spots on the petitions I prepared.  I had to have a calculator at hand when I did this work.  After the petition and forms were completed and signed, I would walk them over to the Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office for bankruptcy filing.  There I would stand in line with other attorneys who were likewise filing bankruptcy petitions, everyone holding blocks of paper which had to be stamped in.   One would hear a constant thumping as the clerks stamped in the petitions as they received them from the attorneys.     

Today, the preparation and filing of bankruptcy cases is done over computers through software programs.  These programs set up the preparation and presentation of the documents, conduct all of the mathematical computations with respect to income and means testing, and govern the electronic filing of the petition over the internet with the bankruptcy court. Filing bankruptcy is much faster and more efficient now, but you still need a dedicated expert to help you through the process—this is where I come in.   

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