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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing: $500.00 plus court filing fee

Is it appropriate for you to file for bankruptcy?                                                             

If you have no assets you can use to settle with your creditors, and after you pay all of your necessary living expenses you have no disposable income to pay debts such as credit card bills, medical bills, unsecured loans and other consumer debts, you may qualify for discharge of your debts under Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.   Filing bankruptcy can lead to a discharge of your debts, which could enable you to get the fresh start you need to reestablish your credit, and, most importantly, to reestablish a sound financial position for yourself and your family.                                                                                

You may have lost a job or are going to lose a job, or you have lost a source of income, or you anticipate losing a source of income.  You may be facing serious medical or health expenses in the near future, or you may have already incurred these expenses.  You may be facing serious marital problems that might lead to a separation or divorce in the near future.  Your wages may have been garnished or you may have a bank account that is under garnishment.  You may have outstanding tax issues that have become unmanageable.  You may be concerned about your ability to meet your mortgage because of factors beyond your control and you are worried about staying in your house.                

Any one of these circumstances, or any combination of these, can cause your finances to hit rock bottom.  Of course, this would be an anxious time for you and your family.  But bankruptcy protection is available to lift you and your family out of this difficult condition.                                                                                                                     

Under the reformed bankruptcy filing laws, if your income is not more than the annual median family income as established by the federal government, you can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.  The median income for Virginia and the District of Columbia is as follows:

  Virginia Median Income                                               District of Columbia Median Income
           Single person:                    $52,436                                 $48,638     
           2 person family:                    67,021                                   77,117 
           3 person family:                    75,044                                   77,117
           4 person family:                    91,859                                   77,117
           5 person family:                    99,959                                   85,217
           6 person family:                  108,059                                   93,317
           7 person family:                  116,159                                 101,417
           8 person family:                  124,259                                 109,517
                                      Add $8,100 for each family member in excess of 8. 

Even if your median income is more than the amount for your category stated above, you could still qualify for Chapter 7 if you meet a certain monthly expense calculation.

When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition your creditors are automatically stopped from taking action against you for your debts.

Despite the recent changes in the law, the philosophy behind American Bankruptcy Law has not changed.  This philosophy is simple: in order for its economy to grow, the United States needs as many of its citizens as possible to be on a sound financial footing.       

If you are truthful and accurate about your financial troubles, the bankruptcy laws of the United States favor you!

I can help you through the bankruptcy process, and I assist people who need help filing bankruptcy efficiently and inexpensively.  Please read through this website and let me explain how I can help you.

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